1998 Kartik - WVA Managerial Committee Report and Resolutions

1998 Kartik - World Vaisnava Association - Visva Vaisnava Raj Sabha

Managerial Committee - Report and Resolutions

The following resolutions were accepted by the managerial meeting of the.WVA-VVRS in Kartik 1998 held at Vrinda kunja, Vrindavan. Participants were.25 secretaries of nineteen missions and Committee coordinators. The.meeting was conducted by outgoing secretary Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti.
After.hearing the sweet Mangalacaranam and Kirtan the meeting began at 10-30 AM.

1. Special welcome was extended to Sri Birbhadra das B. secretary of the.Acarya of the Gaudiya Mission Bagh Bazar.

2. The following two missions were accepted as new members of the.WVA-VVRS.
Sri Nandanandan das
World Relief Network
Publisher of Vaisnava literature

International Movement for Unity in Diversity
Founder: Bhaktivedanta Parivrajak Maharaj

3. A new Managing Committee was approved unanimously.
Considering that the WVA-VVRS has been active since 1993 it was resolved. to elect new officers for the next five years of service on this occasion

Parama Pujyapada Srila Bhakti Pramod Puri Maharaj.

Vice President:
Srila Bhakti Vallabh Tirtha Maharaj from Sri Chaitanya Gaudiya Math.

Administrative Secretary:
Sri Acarya Prabhu, disciple of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. and leader of the Chaitanya Mission in the Philippines for 25 years...

Publisher, Editor:
Sri Ramdas das from Gopinath Gaudiya Math and Sripad.B.P. Hrishikesh Maharaj as Coordinator of Publications.

Sripad.B.V. Ksirodakasayee Visnu Maharaj of the Bhaktivedanta Ashram Vrindavan..Accountant

Press Secretary:
Sripad Tusta Krishna das of Chaitanya Mission.

General Secretary for India:
Sripad Bhakti Prasun Puri Maharaj of.Chaitanya Math

Function and Event Secretary:
Sripad Bhakti Prakash Mahavir.Maharaj Haribol Mission

Sripad Bhakti Kamal Tirtha Maharaj.Hungarian Vaisnava Association.
Sripad Bhakti Bibudha Bodhayanan Maharaj.of Gopinath Gaudiya Math
Sripad Bhakti Vicar Visnu Maharaj of Sri Krishna.Chaitanya mission.
Sripad Bhaktivedanta Vaisnava Maharaj of Vrinda.Ecuador.
Sri Bhakta das A. of Thailand

The Members of the Vaisnava Council in Vrindavan are:
Sri Saksi Gopal das of Vrinda
Sripad Bhakti Sarvasya Govinda Maharaj of Chaitanya Math
Ram Prasad Prabhu of Sri Chaitanya Gaudiya Math

4. The following coordinators were accepted for the different Committees. of the WVA-VVRS.

WVA-VVRS Vrindavan Dham Preservation Committee
Sripad Bhaktivedanta Sadhu Maharaj of Munger Mandir Vrinda
9 Members

WVA-VVRS Mayapur Dham Preservation Committee
Sripad Bhakti Vicar Visnu Maharaj and
Sarasvat Gaudiya Vaisnava Association

WVA-VVRS Jagannath Puri Dham Preservation Committee
Sri Vidyapati das B. of Sri Chaitanya Gaudiya Math
5 members

WVA-VVRS Siddhanta Guru Varga Dignity Committee
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti of Vrinda
9 Members

WVA-VVRS Education Committee
Srimati Malati d.d. of Vedic Culture Course Berlin
19 Members

WVA-VVRS Secular World Committee
Sripad Tusta Krishna das of Chaitanya Mission
18 Members

WVA-VVRS Library, Publication Committee
Sri Vidagdha Madhava das of Hawaii
17 Members

WVA-VVRS Internet Committee
Sri Pancha Tattva das B. Vrinda Peru
5 Members

WVA-VVRS Newsletter and Journal Committee
Sripad Bhakti Prakash Hrishikesh Maharaj of Chaitanya Mudrani Mission 8.members

WVA-VVRS Mela and Meeting Committee
Sri Bhakta das A. of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission
10 Members

WVA-VVRS Environment Committee
Sri Saksi Gopal das B.
10 Members
15 affiliated Eco projects in thePhilippines, Cali Colombia, Bogota
Colombia, Arbelaez ,Colombia, Banos ,.Ecuador, Lima, Peru, Arica Chile, Santiago , Chile, Catemu, Chile, Buenos.Aires , Argentina, Hawaii, USA, Szeged, Hungary, Mewegen, Germany,.Yaruqui, Ecuador Valle de Bravo , Mexico .

WVA-VVRS Temple Adoption.Committee
Sri Jnanaraj das A. for Europe
Sripad Bhakti Vicar Visnu.Maharaj for India Sripad Bhagavatamrita for USA 14 members

WVA-VVRS Conflict Resolving Committee
Sripad Bhakti Vicar Visnu Maharaj of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission
5 Members

WVA-VVRS Vedic Art Committee
Sri Bhaktisiddhanta das A. of Prabhupada Institute for Culture Vrindavan.
21 Members

WVA-VVRS Gaudiya Vedanta Symposium Committee
Sripad Bhaktivedanta Parivrajak maharaj of Acintya and
Bhaktivedanta Sadhu Maharaj of Munger Mandir Vrinda
12 Members

WVA-VVRS Unification Committee
Sripad Bhaktivedanta Parivrajak Maharaj of Acintya
8 Members

5. It was established to create the service of a WVA-VVRS Press secretary.. He can in emergency publish WVA-VVRS declarations with the approval of the.Administrative Secretary, the Coordinators of the Secular World Committee.and the Siddhanta - Guru Varga Dignity Committee. This is the case of.urgent topics where Vaisnavas and their dignity need to be defended. All.those who want to share this responsibility may join the Secular World.Committee. If members do not agree with the statement published they can.publish their missions opinion without attacking the WVA declarations. And.they must speak only on behalf of their own mission and not as a.representative or member of WVA. If they severely object they shall.contact the Conflict Resolving Committee coordinator. If any mission needs.the WVA to defend them in a particular case they shall send the case and a.proposed answer from WVA to the Secular World Committee coordinator. The.power of this forum has already been proved. We want to use it only to.establish the glory of Vaisnavism and to serve all members and their.emergencies.

6. It was resolved that the Vrindavan Dham preservation Committee shall. participate in the local Vrindavan seva committees which may permit the.WVA members to do Dham seva in a trustworthy format. Also to be aware if.any projects such as adopt a Ghat, adopt a Park or adopt a monument are.becoming available to WVA members and their congregations.

7. It was resolved to create a WVA Gaudiya Vedanta Symposium Committee.. Leading preachers are invited to book their lectures and subjects with the.coordinator of the Symposiums. Subjects may cover 1-2 or 3 two hour. classes which will be spread over the period of fifteen days in Kartik. every year. Main holiday days will be free. The Symposium will be.organized by the Vaisnava Academy of Vrinda in Munger Mandir next to the.Mathura Road. Future symposiums are also planned for Mayapur.

8. It was resolved to create a WVA-VVRS Vedic Art committee..Coordinated by Bhaktisidhanta das A. the founder of the Prabhupada.Institute of Culture. He is a distinguished Artist who studied Art in New.York and who did organize the entire Art project and panels of the New.Delhi Iskcon Temple. "Glory of India". He adopted a temple of Kisori Baba. in the Madan Mohan area of Vrindavan and wants to promote Vedic art with.many other Vaisnava artists. The Committee plans to holds courses,. organize Web sites, have traveling exhibits, print posters, hold art. competitions and develop Vrindavan Dham as a center of Vedic Arts endowed. with the beauty of the natural scenery of Vraj.

9. It was resolved that the meetings of the WVA both in Mayapur as well as.in Vrindavan can shift from one member mission to the other. It was also.resolved to hold the next Mayapur meeting two days after Gaur Purnima in.Mayapur in the Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission. It was also resolved that.the meeting of the Sarasvat Gaudiya Vaisnava Association should be used to.invite that association to also join the WVA-VVRS. Also they already do.the work of Mayapur preservation and thus can take over that Committee of.the WVA-VVRS. Otherwise the WVA-VVRS does many things the SGVA is not.doing . Therefore it is reasonable that these two organizations should.work together in Mayapur and in other projects started by the WVA-VVRS.

10. It was resolved by the managing committee that the Secular World. Committee of the WVA-VVRS should send an official response to the.international press.about their accusation against a news article about Iskcon.titled, "Krishna's admit child abuse". It is regretted that such thing.could ever have taken place in any ashram of any mission. It is obviously. the fault of particular individuals who must be taken to proper.authorities for chastisement. Nevertheless it is very disturbing that.millions of Krishna worshippers who belong to many different Vaisnava.missions around the world shall be looked upon as child molesters, when in.fact such cases in one society has nothing to do with all of them..Clarification should be attempted through a note sent by the Press.secretary.

11. More temples have been successfully adopted in Vrindavan to beautify. the Dham. Projects include the Seva Kunja property of Bhakta das, Sripad. B. P. Mahavir Maharaj in Govinda Kunda, Vipralambha Kunja by Ecuador Yatra.of the Vrinda Mission. Durvasa Tila of the Gaudiya Vedanta Samiti. Krishna.Balaram Mandir in Seva Kunja by individual devotees. It is lamented that.one original beautiful site was turned into a Marble house, losing all the.original style by a Vaisnava mission from outside India. It is recommended.that those who adopt temples shall visit all the other adopted temples to.study how to preserve the old rajestani Architecture. That is our sacred.duty to maintain Vrindavan as original as possible.

12. It was resolved and accepted that VINA, the Vaisnava Internet News. Agency started by Tusta Krishna das to serve and unify the Vaisnavas will.become the official news site of the WVA to work in conjunction with the.WVA-VVRS Homepage. It was requested to all member missions to send in news.and pictures as well as articles from their Acaryas. The VINA Homepage is.dedicated to glorify the activities of Vaisnavas from all over the world.and to also foster discussion of Philosophical topics. It has been.resolved that conflicting issues should be resolved by the Conflict.Resolving Committee and only final solutions or proposals from senior.Vaisnavas would be posted for the benefit of all readers.

13. It was resolved to make the WVA-VVRS famous in INDIA..For that purpose Sripad B.P. Mahavir Maharaj promised to gather the Emails.and addresses of all India news papers and communication centers to.contact promptly with our news and Press releases. Also it was decided.that yearly a Hindi or and Bengali Magazine should be published to present.the goals and activities of the WVA-VVRS. The first issue will come out in 1999.

14. It was also resolved that the Magazine department shall produce a.permanent WVA-VVRS Press kit. This shall include the history of.Vaisnavism, Gaudiya Vedanta, Holy Dhamas, Activities of the WVA-VVRS,.Addresses of Member missions, etc. This magazine shall be as general as.possible and not favor one mission over the other and shall be written.specially for the information of Newspapers , Colleges or secular.organizations who try to know about the history of our Sampradaya.

15. It was again stressed that every mission should choose an English. speaking secretary to represent their mission in the managing committee.. It was also reminded that all publication and functions of all member. missions are recommended to use the WVA-VVRS logo and a sign which reads:. "Affiliated with the WVA-VVRS".

16. It was resolved that in the absence of the Function Secretary , the.administrative secretary can conduct the meetings as well. It was also.approved to have local secretaries to further the activities of the.WVA-VVRS in any location of the world. The WVA-VVRS accepts all services.done by individual Vaisnavas or missions as long as they do not create a.disturbance to the Harmony. Every member shall present the moral conduct.expected from a Gaudiya Vaisnava.

17. It was proposed and will be studied to create an all WVA Vaisnava. university in Jagananth Puri, or and Mayapur or and Vrindavan Dham. Sripad.Bhakti Vicar Visnu Maharaj strongly spoke about the necessity of such an.institution to further unity amongst Vaisnavas as well.

18. It was resolved to stop the Book mela in Mayapur for a unspecified. time.since all temples had their own exhibits in Mayapur. On a later day the.WVA-VVRS can hold such fairs in other cities.

The service report of the outgoing secretary was put on record and the new.administrative secretary was welcomed. It was noted that the enthusiasm. and the participation was gradually increasing over the years both in. India and abroad.

The meeting was called to a close at 1:15 p.m. and prasad was served to.the attendants.


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