WVA Press Secretary Public Statement Policy

It is recognized that from time to time it is not only important, but essential that the WVA make public statements regarding not only secular but also ecumenical matters. Therefore the position of WVA Press Secretary has been created along with a policy for issuing public statements and press releases:

1. On non time-sensitive issues requiring an action or policy statement by the WVA, the Press Secretary will solicit input from WVA officers and relevant committee heads who are active WVA participants (as opposed to passive members and supporters) before formulating and issuing any public statement.

2. On time-sensitive issues requiring immediate action the Press Secretary will contact or attempt to contact the Administrative Secretary, and the secretaries of the Secular World Committee and the Siddhanta Guru Varga Dignity Committee prior to issuing any statement on behalf of the WVA. Examples of time-sensitive issues include, but are not limited to newspaper, radio, television or Internet news items which attack the character and or authenticity of Vaishnavism in general, the Vedic scriptures, the Personality of Godhead, etc., or which present false or distorted images of the same.

3. WVA missions or members who come across such news items in their countries or communities are requested to immediately forward a transcript of the same to the WVA Press Secretary, Siddhanta Guru Varga Dignity Secretary and Administrative Secretary. Since many of the articles will have a local rather than global flavor, members should also send a proposed response. After conferring with one another the Press Secretary will then issue a statement on behalf of the WVA. Under no circumstances may any individual member circumvent this process and directly issue a statement or response on behalf of the WVA although certainly they have full freedom to speak or issue a statement on behalf of their mission.

4. Understanding that different acharyas or different Vaishnava missions may sometimes hold different opinions regarding preaching strategy as well as dealings with--and events within--the secular and ecumenical communities, the WVA Press Secretary pledges to only issue statements on behalf of the WVA when it is his earnest belief and understanding that such statements represent the opinion of the greater majority of all WVA members and therefore the best interests of the worldwide Vaishnava community.

5. In the event any WVA member feels any WVA press statement does not reflect the opinion of his own mission or does not agree with the content of a particular WVA statement, he is welcome to issue a statement in the name of his own mission which outlines that missions individual viewpoint. However as a matter of Vaishnava etiquette and to avoid damaging the image of a unified WVA, such a statement should not criticize the WVA for the viewpoint expressed in its statement. Furthermore the member should not represent himself in such a statement as a WVA member, but rather should speak only in the capacity of representative of his own mission.


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