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The World Vaisnava Association Visva Vaisnava Raj Sabha Announcing: The Audarya Award

Audarya means the highest magnanimity for the fallen souls. This is the spirit of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as expressed by Srila Rupa Goswami. This name was chosen for the Audarya awards since the main consideration for the choice of the winners will be the effecting of the contribution to help uplift the fallen souls from the kingdom of Maya.

The Vrindavan Institute for Vaisnava Culture and Studies has sponsored for all the Vaisnavas in the world either affiliated or passive members of the World Vaisnava Association to participate in the By yearly competition for the best contributions to the field of Vaisnava services.

The following subjects will be evaluated to choose the best contributions to the different fields. The awards will be given by a board of five Sannyasys from five different missions of the WVA-VVRS The Audarya award for the best

1. Book publication of Vaisnava Literature in any language.
2. Movie production with Vaisnava message.
3. Temple construction.
4. Music recording of traditional style.
5. Music recording of novel style.
6. Vaisnava Community.( By design, Worship and preaching projects)
7. Drama presentation. ( script and production)
8. Dham seva.(Activities to improve the situation of the holy Dhamas)
9. Vaisnava journal
10. Art Contribution (Sculptures, Paintings or Installations, Festival carts.
11. Home page on the Internet
12. Innovative Contribution to Preaching the glories of Vaisnavism.
13. Vaisnava Charity.
14. Effort for Vaisnava unity.
15. Applied Ecology in a Vaisnava project.
16. Distributor of Vaisnava literature.

The entries can be made of contributions made in any language. Only a brief description of the service should be made in English with the entry. Tapes, Photos, Books, Description or Video should accompany any entry. If the award goes to an organization rather then an individual Vaisnava, they shall choose who will receive the award on their behalf.

Please send all entries to:
World Vaisnava association
Audarya Awards
Vansi Kunja
Gopesvara Road 146
Vrindavan Dham Mohalla Pin 281121
District Mathura UP India

The first year where the Awards are given is the year 2000 at Kartika Vrindavan. Entries must arrive by Gour Purnima of the year 2000. Entries do not have to be recently produced, but can be entered only once into the evaluation. Anyone can nominate a contribution.

Each Audarya Award winner will get:
A certificate. A bronze plaque with Sri Sri Gour Nitai embossed and the inscription of the winner's name and Seva contribution. An undisclosed gift A one month free Vrindavan parikrama retreat with full food and board in Vrindavan in the Vrinda Kunja Guesthouse. A presentation in the Visva vaisnava Raj Sabha magazin of the contribution. A free Home page of the award winning contribution on the Internet designed by the WVA- VVRS Internet committee or by the producer himself. (under the WVA-VVRS domain) All award winners and other nominated projects will appear in the list "The best of Vaisnavism" on the Home page of the World Vaisnava Association.

Hoping to contribute with these awards to unify the Vaisnava world and to glorify the servant of Guru Krishna and humanity this new project is offered to the World Vaisnava association by the members of the Vrinda family.


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