Srila BB Tirtha Maharaj "1998" February Tour

[NOTE: The July-August Tour will take them through Europe and Continental USA]

The February Tour of Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj was originally scheduled for Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. But two events altered the schedule entirely: Firstly, when Sundaraj [a Srila Kusham Shraman Maharaj disciple] in Hawaii heard that Tirtha Maharaj was going to Australia, he prevailed upon the organizers to extend the Tour to Hawaii with two solid weeks of the most versatile engagements known to date. He was ably assisted by Gaura-Govinda Prabhu [a Swami Bhaktivedanta disciple], Bhakta Tom Caprio and Bhakta Josh Jerome who flew from Washington with his wife & children to follow and chauffeur the tour through the islands. The other development was a rare injunction which Malaysian immigration called on to prevent the tour from entering Malaysia and which sent the tour prematurely to Australia to the surprise of everyone. A near disaster in Malaysia was averted when the tour organizer, Vidyapati Prabhu [a Srila Kusham Shraman Maharaj and Swami Bhaktivedanta disciple] traveled to Sitiawan and delivered both of the scheduled Malaysian programs single-handedly with great success. It was only an indication of the successes to come later in spite of many adversities both within and without.


Singapore has become a jumping off point for Tirtha Maharaj's party having hosted him now five times - more than any other country in the world. It was Vidyapati Prabhu who engineered the Hawaiian sector and who also tried to mobilize the Australian sector. However, when the tour unexpectedly aborted the Malaysian program and flew early to Australia, the call of spontaneity and need enveloped the Indian community in Sydney and they most certainly warmed to the melodic kirtans of Bhuta Bhavana Prabhu and the very warm and enthralling introductions of Srila Tirtha Maharaj from Chidghanananda Prabhu, to say nothing of the great manager, Rasabihari Prabhu. Vinode Vij and Rocky Mahajan both held house programs at very short notice - practically while we were in the air on the way to Sydney. And surprisingly bold, Srimati Ratra Lekha auspiciously invited the tour to her house with no notice - on the very same day she was requested! With no time for preparation and invitations, she held a most dignified program for the Appearance Day Celebration of Sri Madhvacharya to the delight of Srila Tirtha Maharaj and all the devotees. Two other house programs worthy of mention were those on the 9th in the midday at the house of Mr. Ajay Mehta in Sydney at George's Hall and the evening program in Wullagong [100 miles south] at the house of Dr. Om Prakash Mahajan. The final program was at our host's house, Mr. Raj Kumar. It was topped off by a Narasimghadev kirtan led by Srila Tirtha Maharaj in his inimitable style reminiscent of the Hanuman bhaktas with expressive outpouring of transcendental emotion with an admixture of jumping and dancing. Srila Tirtha Maharaja extolled the glories of the gentle progress of Ambarish Maharaja and cautioned against expectations by the 'quick-fix' bhakta program of some conceivers.


The Hawaii program commenced calculatively and graciously with our hosts, Mr and Mrs. Kapur. Their house was the auspicious place of the yajna performed by Tirtha Maharaj himself on the 16th of february, Srila Prabhupada's Appearce Day, with full paraphernalia supplied by Gaur Govinda Prabhu's wife, Sita Devi. The Hawaiian program warmed when we visited Maui and the ashram of Turiya Das Mahashaya. The accomodation and peacefulness was very appealing to Srila Tirtha Maharaj and the devotees were extremely helpful on all the programs. Upon returning to Honolulu, things also picked up with Tom Caprio pulling strings and setting up unusual engagements. Then Vrindavan Bihari offered to help us out on the lean audio-visual side with consumables. Along with his good wife, Pamela and her sister, they supplied prasadam for fourty instead of five. Then our chauffeurs, Josh and Janet became inspired to follow us onto Big Island and the ashram of Sripad Bhakti Saranga Maharaj - the Temple of the Golden Volcano. There, we were aptly served by the ever nervous but always mellow, Vidagdha Madhava Prabhu, the bubbling efficiency of Srinivas Prabhu, Bhagavatamritam Prabhu and Jagadish Prabhu - to say nothing of the quiet service performed constantly by Valmiki Prabhu. Mangala Devi and family found great comfort in Srila Tirtha Maharaj's association, his counsel and kirtans and we found them at every engagement - growing. The stay on Big Island seemed to ignite the Panjabi disciples travelling with Srila Gurumaharaj and on the return to Honolulu, the contagion spread like wild-fire igniting Vrindavan Prabhu of the famed Govindaji's Orange Juice. Then, it spread through a host of others including the Gurukula expatriots of India who came wandering out of nowhere to attend the last five programs musing why they had not been informed earlier of Maharaj's presence on the island. Tom Caprio again pulled strings and had one college program televised for public viewing. Prashadam seemed to pour from every corner and we seemed to be eating more than we were breathing as we left the faithful aspirants to fly on to Denpasar in Bali - with at least 20 more kilos per person from prashadam intake.
Our solo program in Bali at our hosts house, Ananta Krishna Prabhu, was very well attended by the local scholars thanks to the auspicious advent day of Srila Dayita Madhava Goswami Maharaj. One more night program at Singapore at Gauraraj's place finished off the tour amongst the local Singapore support and the devotees returned to Calcutta in a joyful mood [in spite of not being able to sample the Singapore market] due to the ecstatic mood of bhajan and seva infused by Srila Tirtha Maharaj and exemplified by him throughout the tour, on the morning of March 1, 1998.

We join his lecture in Singapore on 28 Feb. 1998:

Somehow I try to express myself. At times, I do not find the appropriate words. So, I request you to pay attention to the spirit of my words & not the words themselves. I may also speak the wrong words. Now we have come to the house of Gauraraj Das who has made an arrangement here for the assembly of all the devotees so that I can get company of them, have darshan of them & associate with them. By the association of shuddha-bhaktas we can get bhaktistu ava bhakta sana priyah. Bhakti can be attained by the association of bonafide bhaktas. Bhakti we cannot get from karmi, jnani, yogi. Bhakta may be in household life; bhakta may be ascetic. Outwardly it seems from brahmacari ashram I've taken sannyas but, in fact,we do not belong to ascetic group or household group. We belong to Krsna-bhakta group. My gurumaharaj used to invite all the devotees to our function. All were invited. For what purpose? So that we can have association of shuddha-bhaktas. We can serve them & our natural function of the real self should evolve, come from within, should awaken by their company. That is the purpose.

When he had us directly serve the Vaishnavas. "I've invited all my God-brothers here." Why? To give you scope for serving them. We should not be unmindful. In many maths they have introduced one day, three day, five day, annual function & our gurumaharaj used to invite all, "Oh, please come. These are all members of Gaudiya Math. Serve all your family members."

How you will manage? Manage? Krishna will manage! He [our gurumaharaj] was very broad-hearted. Should we not think that, "Well, Krishna is the maintainer & sustainer. No fear. We have seen? We will think. What we will think? Krishna is the maintainer & sustainer." Finished there. We had that spirit & we found no limit. No limit. So, by the will of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna who is All-Good, we have again have come to the door of the devotees of Singapore. And our Gauraraj Das has got a natural inclination & liking to serve Vaishnavas. When we went to Hawaii he sent many things to us at the airport in the night when we were laid over here in Singapore for eight hours traveling from Sydney to Honolulu. He could not find us. He and his good wife at midnight and they could not find out where we were. Then, twice - again in the morning he tried again and succeeded. But in the night, he could not meet us. We committed offense (laughter). Then he came in the morning with different items of prasadam. Actually, to think jivas, individual entities, living beings are not the eternal servants of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna is simply incorrect. If you have to say it correctly: we are the servants of the servants of the servants of, the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Every jiva. What is the attribute of jiva, spirit soul, living being? Spirit soul is actually the part of the potency of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. So, Caitanya Mahaprabhu has said in His reply to the question of Sanatan Gosvami:
Jivera svarupa haya krsnera nitya das, krishnera nitya das, krishnera tatastha-sakti, bhedabheda prakash.

"Jivas are the eternal servants of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna & manifestations of the marginal potency of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Simultaneously, distinctio and then, non-distinction. It is inconceivable."

But again when you go to perform worship of the Deity you have to purify yourself. You have to think, "What I am relation to Sri Krishna?" If there is a real ego. Your natural ego is that you perform puja, that puja will not go to the Supreme Lord, it will come, if not pure, to this material world. Then, puja-siddhi - Does everybody understand? Purify yourself! What is the process here? To know what I am in relation to Sri Krishna (verse of Mahaprabhu):

naham vipro na ca nara-patir napi vaisyo na sudro
naham varni na ca grha-patir no vana-stho yatir va
kintu prodyan-nikhila-paramananda-purnamrtabdher
gopi-bharttuh pada-kamalayor dasa-dasanudasah

"I am not brahmin. In four varnas, brahmins - here are three primeval qualities of the external potency of the Supreme Lord - sattva, raja, tama. Those who are endowed with the quality of sattva-gun predominantly; those who have goodness, virtuousness, knowledge, and wisdom to read and to teach Vedas are brahmin. But I am not brahmin. I am not within this material world. I may be born in different varnas, but I'm not that: naham vipra na ca nara-patir... "I am not kshatriya. Those who are endowed with the qualities of raja-gun. The qualities of raja-gun? Acting in a spirited manner. Those who can administer the war - they are called kshatriya. I'm not kshatriya. And I am not vaishya. Who is vaishya? Those persons who are endowed with the qualities of raja-gun & tama-gun, cultivation of trade and tending of the cows. Those persons who have a taste for these things, they are called vaishya. And another lowest form is called shudra, where many deleterious qualities are there. But one good quality is there: they have got the propensity of serving the other three varnas. Those who do not serve, they're outside the varnas. And, "I am not shudra." Then, "What I am?" There are four stages of varnashrama. A brahmana has got 4 stages: brahmacari ashram, grihastha, vanaprastha, sannyas. I am not brahmacari. For ksatriya - vaisya, three stages: brahmacari, grihastha, vanaprastha. For shudra: only grihastha - household life. They have got not more than that. Brahmacari ashram is to have continence - celibacy. Brahmacari should serve gurudev, the servant of gurudev. The first stage is brashmacari ashram. And next stage is grihastha-ashram. Those who want to go back. After grihasthashram, pancasordhvam vanam vrajet. If you want to wait, you should leave household life, go to forest, vanaprastha, then sannyas. That is the highest stage in varnashram dharma, ascetic life. Asceticism with mendicant. They absolutely depend on Sri Krishna, Supreme Personality of Godhead by begging alms. They do not do business. Automatically, their maintainence will come.

"But I am not brahmacari, grihastha, vanaprastha, sannyasi. What I am? . . . Oh! I am the servant of the servant of the servant of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, who is the husband of all the gopis, Nandanandan Sri Krishna." There are many, many versions, faces, phases of Sri Krishna. Mathuradhisa Sri Krishna. And you will find also Kuruksetradhisa Sri Krishna & Dvarakadhisa Sri Krishna. But Caitanya Mahaprabhu, he has taught us to worship Nandanandan Sri Krishna: aradhyo bhagavan vrajesottame? Vrajesa is Nanda Maharaj. You can get all kinds of bliss, the highest prospect is available if you worship Him. But that is not all. We have to think that I am not only servant of Sri Krishna. "Then what I am?" The servant of the servant of the servant of Sri Krishna. "So what I should do?" If I am servant of a Vaishnava, I should serve the Vaishnava truly. If I am truly servant of a Vaishnava, then I should do service to a Vaishnava.

You will find in Srimad-Bhagavatam - in the pastime of Vritrasura, I do not have time to elaborate extensively. Ultimately, Vritrasura prayed to his Supreme Lord prostrating himself before Him, to get the company of the sadhu. You have heard of Vritrasura from the Srimad Bhagavatam. He was King Citraketu in a previous life. He was cursed by Parvati devi and he became Vritrasura, emperor of the demons. And he fought. And you know, demons & demigods, they are step-brothers; they have a relation. Father is the same - Kasya, Vasu Rsi, etc. Mother different. From Vasu Rsi, Aditi will beget demigods, and from Diti - demons. Always they are fighting - step-brothers.

Once, Devaraj Indra, King of Heaven, he attacked the ocean kingdom he wanted. And Vritrasura was the chief there, he was the emperor at that time. There was a great fight. And the demigods, Devaraj Indra, destroyed all the weapons of the demons. When all the weapons were destroyed, all the demons were fleeing away out of fear. Fleeing away. On seeing this the demigods were impressed. They were also running after them, chasing them and killing them. They were running out of fear for their life. Vritrasura tried to appeal to them: "You have come to fight. Why then you are fleeing away? Cowards die many times before death. A valiant person dies only once. Death is after all, inevitable. You have got this chance to fight in front of the battlefield. If you die fighting you will get heaven. If you conquer you will get heaven. Why you are fleeing? away? You cannot stop your death! It will come. Those who are coming to fight in the battlefield, in the front of the battlefield, face to face, and running away, fleeing away, they are not the sons of the parents; they are the stools & urine of the parents. They have no value." I do not know the language. (laughter) Beguiling them and chastising them, he told.

The demigods became very much encouraged. They are chasing them & killing them. Then Vritrasura said, "You have got the amity for you are demigods. So, what are you doing? Those who are crying & fleeing away for their life, you are killing them! Is it good? Stop this! Don't do this!"

But they didn't pay him any heed. They are chasing the demons & killing them. And Vritrasura made a taunt and then shouted: the horrible roaring of kampipati? "You do not want to go back to your home country. Why?" Such a terrible sound was heard that all the soldiers of the heaven, those who came to fight, fell down unconscious and Vritrasura was moving on them. By moving & pressing on them he was killing all the soldiers of Devaraj Indra, without fighting. Indra became enraged upon seeing this. Devaraj Indra, seeing this, that without fight he is killing all the demigods? How is this? I committed offense? When I killed Visvarup? And many bad results were there from that? He was hesitating. He was also thinking this: Vritrasura also came out of the sacrifice of the brahmin. Because he's a brahmin he was hesitating to kill. But when he saw that without fight he was killing all the demigods, then he threw one club - mace - by which formidable demons were killed. Killed. - Vrtrasura? Vrtrasura caught hold of that mace by his left hand & he threw that in a counter-blow to the elephant, Airavata? and Airavata, after running, was thrown to a distant place. And over whom? Devaraj Indra was seated; he was also thrown. And accordingly, he was also thrown to a distant place in a precarious condition. And the elephant was profusely losing blood, bleeding. "Ha ha!" Vritrasura thought, "They're in a precarious condition. Should I not let them prepare? Let them have the normal state."

Now, to give them result? reason? They have got morality. The fight was there. "Should I not let them do that - be there? Whence, they will become strong, then I shall fight with them. Now it is not good?" No inability, no madness, nothing. Why? When character is lost, everything is lost. You have lost everything. Previously, they valued this character. When money is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost, . . . something is lost; but when character is lost, everything is lost. Now, when, Devaraj Indra has got one qualification: whatever he touches, that, if there is any injury, it is cured. He has got kavaca from Visnu. He touched the elephant, the wound, the wounded place of the elephant and he was cured immediately & Devaraj Indra was sitting on the elephant, Airavata within view and always seeing that they are all praising Vritrasura - very formidable foe.

So, he became ashamed & was just looking at them. Then Vritrasura explained, "What you are doing? Your formidable enemy, your enemy is in front of you. As long as I shall live you will be not in peace. You cannot be. What you are thinking I know. You have got with your thunderbolt. It has been made by the desire of Sri Hari with the bones, vows of Dadhici Muni. Dadhici Muni appears there in the whole? He has given his whole life. And it has been made by the order of Sri Hari. If you hurl that, throw that thunderbolt, you will have some peace & I shall also go to my eternal lila, rasa, place."

He went first to Sankarsan. What you are thinking? Your garrison will kill me? Then Indra, King of the Heaven, was thinking, "Nobody wants to die. Why he is telling like this? It most be some trick. He must be making another plan." But remembering this speech of Vritrasura, the devotees who have got one-pointed devotion to Sri Hari who have taken absolute shelter of Sri hari, who is doing devotion to Sri Hari & nothing else. And Sri Hari knows his mind most elaborately, Sri Hari does not give His pure devotee wealth & riches or Heaven of the world? and of the Netherworld. He does not give. When the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna, if He loves anybody from the core of His heart, really, and the person has got one pointed devotion to Sri Krsna, Sri Krsna will not give him anything of this universe. No wealth, no riches, no opulence,

Whatever it is he wants, whatever pleasures of this world, of the Heaven, he will never get. Why? tat tesu.vidadhati?....If anybody gets this wealth, there will be enviousness, vanity. He will get trouble. If there will be no wealth, nobody will touch him. But with all this wealth, then always, he cannot sleep in the night. He will be forced to take sleeping pills.

By taking too much sleep by the method of pills, one person in Calcutta, he went to Heaven, Vaikuntha.(laughter) in the morning. His mother, his mother came to our Math & was weeping. "I warned him he should not take, but he takes too much. It grieves me. Ease me - in Calcutta.

Another friend, in our Delhi Math, he was somehow in the hospital he was taken & he was vomiting; he could survive. Like that. When they have the wealth, they have the agony, mental agony. tesu kadadhi, mada, the pride, the vanity, tesu vasudhadi kolkoli? quarrel, fight amongst the devotees? quarrels? And to preserve that wealth we have to think always there is trouble, where is he? There will be centers of trouble? When he is flattered? How to feel? It is troublesome. Krishna does not feel for him. What is the opposite? If anybody thinks? Keeps his wealth, Krishna is not loving them from the core of His heart. Krpadayalu - A pure devotee, one who has got one pointed devotion to Sri Krishna. Take One who has taken absolute shelter of Sri Krishna. Who is serving Sri Krishna & serving all. Sri Krishna is thinking I am in tears? to the dearest devotee He does not give anything of this world. So He will not be spoiled by attachment. You are worshipping Visnu for what purpose? To keep this wealth of Heaven in tact? For that purpose.

Our Bhagavan is not within tri-guna. Demigods are living in sattva-gun. Although they accept as sattva-gun Sri Visnu, he's our maintainer? but Visnu is transcendental - beyond this here tri-guna quality. Nirupadhi. My aspiration is also nirupadhi? I want His service. So, He will give you as you are presenting. If it is for my benefit, it is for your benefit-so, THUNDERBOLT - durlabhah - We are thinking, "God will give me." NO, no. A pure devotee cannot have any other desire besides being a servant of Sri Krishna. If for argument's sake, a pure devotee has got this desire for example - then Krishna - what He will do? He will put hindrance to the fulfillment of that desire. If out of some mistake, wrongly, a pure devotee wants in his heart, "I should get one more prakar, one motor car, I should go to heaven, get money, plenty of money and wealth and fulfillment of desires," and he tries for that, God will put obstacle, put hindrance to that fulfillment.

God is not so cheap. I want something and God has put some hindrance? I have gone to the sadhus to ask him: my daughter is not married - please bless me that my daughter can also be married? My business is not good. Please bless me. He'll get just the opposite result. He is not serving - I am going to Caitanya Gaudiya Math because I have given 100 Rupees and I have got one Lakh Rupees [100,000 Rupees or US$3,000]. Very good place? I see just the opposite. Do not go there. If anybody wants anything and sadhu, guru, vaishnava, Bhagavan put obstacles to that fulfillment, how it can be blamed on Krishna? Bhagavan has some affection, Like for example a small boy. There is one poisonous thing. One poisonous thing is on the table. The small boy wants to take that thing & eat it. And mother is always chastising: hey! don't touch that. Small boy is still trying. He stretches the hand up to get that. Mother will cut even the hand because if he takes it then he will die! And other people, those that have got no love, they will not try to obstruct that. That you should not do this. You should not do this. When the Father of Mother is not there or small boy will not hear then he will take the poison and he will die. But Father cannot do this. If out of mistake you want to take the poison of wealth, this is a kind of poison. Who is the Master of the wealth? Narayan? Laksmi. Who is the Master of Laxmi? Laxmi, the embodiment of wealth. Who will enjoy? Narayan. We want to go and enjoy? We are doing an unrighteous thing. We have to be unrighteous & then be punished - Poison! Out of compassion, Bhagavan puts obstacles and hindrances. So, who? Who will understand this? Those that have got no other ulterior motives. If there is any motive, if motive is fulfilled, they have got - then it is by the grace of guru & vaishnava. Those that have no other ulterior motive, they can understand the compassion of a shuddha-bhakta, sad-guru & Bhagavan. Conditioned souls cannot understand. This kind of compassion is rarely evolved? Only akincan can understand, those that have got no desires. They can understand the compassion of a shuddha-bhakta Vaishnava. If I wrongly want these things, He will not fulfill those desires so we should not think of these things. So, "Kill me by your thunderbolt. And as long as I shall live, you will not be peaceful so kill me." Speaking something from the highest position. "These things are to get the property of the heaven - these foreign things - therefore, I think it is dangerous. Call the thunderbolt." Why? You cannot do it alone. You countered that. No, you catch hold of that thunderbolt & when you strike, surely you will kill me.
So, he prayed to the Supreme Lord "Oh Lord,

aham hare tava padaika-mula
dasanudaso bhavitasmi bhuyah
manah smaretasu-pater gunams te
grnita vak karma karotu kayah
(Bhag 6.11.24)

"Oh Lord, when I shall become the servant of the servant of the servant of Your Lotus Feet? I have forgotten You. I have been cursed by Parvati. I shall become the servant of the servant of the servant. manah smaretasu-pater gunanam. My mind - when it will remember Your transcendental glories and attributes? manah smaretasu -pater gunanam. He - pranapate! He's the most beloved, the Supreme Personality, the dearest. When I shall think about your glories, name, form & attributes? Grnita vak - When will my tongue sing or chant the glories of your name, form & pastimes? karma-karotu kayah - And when will all my senses be engaged with You as a friend? Sankarshan - dasanudaso. Whatever you desire, it will be fulfilled. "Do you want the property of Dhruva? The position of Dhruva? tvam naravista? (pole star)?" 'No, I do not want.' "Do you want proprietorship of the brahmanda like Brahma?" 'No.' "Become emperor of this world? of the lowest world, nether world? Yoga-siddhi, you take 18 kinds of yoga siddhi attainment?" 'No.' "Take salvation?" 'No.' - "Then?" 'Without the service of your lotus feet I do not want anything.'

"Hmmmmm. What is this? Vritrasura. What is he saying? We are running after, . . . . phantasmagoria?"

The Sun's rays are on the sands of the desert & from a distance we see, you think a clean sheet of water is there - ignorant bliss - and we are running. "Go ahead. Drink water there. Quench your thirst. Arrive - nothing. When they go ahead again, they see there sitting, there sitting? there sitting? Always there - not here. Deserting deserting,deserting again and again. There is no water there. It is an illusion! False. Water is necessary. If water he gets then he can quench his thirst. But he is running after non-water - like the mirage - wrongly, like that. He wants ananda but he is running after - if he can get money, he will get ananda? He is averse to Sri Krishna who is All-Bliss. He is All-Bliss. But he does not believe, so how he can taste? So, who has got belief, he can taste.

In one place our Param-pujyapad Bhaktivedanta Svami Maharaj - where? I don't know where he has held this meeting? I remembered, I had gone through some place in his sermons:

Once Narada Gosvami was moving in the world. One brahmin met Narada Gosvami. Narada Rishi wanted to go to Vaikuntha to have darshan of Narayan. The brahmin told (asked) Narada: 'Where you are going?' "I'm going to Vaikuntha." 'For what purpose?' "To see my friend and have darshan of Narayana." 'Oh, ask Him when I shall be able to go there?' "All right, all right." And he (Narada) was looking & he saw another man - a cobbler under a big (fig) tree. He was mending shoes. The cobbler asked, 'Narada Gosvami, where are you going?' "I'm going to Vaikuntha to have darshan of Narayan." 'Ask him when I shall get also his darshan?' "All right, I shall ask." Narada Rishi went to Vaikuntha and met Narayana. After resting from the journey, he remembered, oh, that brahmin asked when does he get liberation and that cobbler. So, to Narayana, Narada asked, "I want to know one thing. Haha! One brahmin I met, he requested me to ask you when he can come to Your lotus feet?" Lord Narayana told, 'I don't know. Maybe 100 births?' Like that. "Then another cobbler mending shoes, he also wanted to know when he will get your darshan?" Lord Narayan replied: 'Hey, he can come right away.'

Narada Rsi was surprised, "What is this? I don't understand. A brahmana won't be able to come but a cobbler will come?" Lord Narayana said, 'You will understand. Tell them Narayana is threading an elephant through the eye of a needle. Tell them. Then you will understand. Then when they will ask, Narayana, I have gone there. Narayana is threading, ah, pushing an elephant through the hole of a needle. Ha ha! Oh!'

Narada Rishi returned to the (material) world & the brahmin said, he asked him, 'Yes, what did he say? When did he say I could go? But first? What was He doing?' Narada told, "He was threading an elephant through the eye of a needle." 'Nonsense. It cannot be possible. I don't like to see - can the elephant go through the subtle hole of a needle - can be pushed? Impossible! I don't believe.' He does not believe to the omnipotence of the Supreme Lord. He does not believe! Then, he went to the cobbler. 'What did He say? What He was doing?' "He is threading an elephant through the eye of a needle." 'Oh, sounds wonderful. Bhagavan can do this. Very wonderful. I'm very glad to hear.' "Why? Why you are so glad to hear? Is it possible?" 'Why not possible? He can push hundreds & thousands of elephants through the eye of that needle. He's all powerful. You see the smallest like mustard seed and here you see the Banyan tree. That seed is destined? pressed into? to become a big banyan tree for large tree. Modesty. He can do the impossible. I do not want anything."
Then he's praying because he is now entangled with the three gunas of illusory energy in this demon body. Sattva raja-tama-guna. He cannot go to Supreme Lord. He is praying [Bhag 6.11.26]

ajata-paksa iva mataram khagah
stanyam yatha vatsatarah ksudh-artah
priyam priyeva vyusitam visanna
mano 'ravindaksa didrksate tvam

The three illustrations he is expressing. I have got the desire to go to You. But I do not go because I am entangled by these three gunas of this illusory world. Like a young one of a bird with no wings, hungry that young one of the bird, hungry, screaming, but when mother will come that child, that young one of the bird can eat, he's crying, that young one of the bird, I'm without any wing, I cannot fly, I'm crying, I cannot go. Its like that.

stanyam yatha vatsatarah ksudh-artah

A calf of the cow is fastened with the rope.That calf, the young one of the cow is crying for the milk. If mother cow does not come there he cannot get the milk. I am fastened with the three gunas, the three ropes of maya. Please come, then I can serve you.

priyam priyeva vyusitam visanna

Priyam - the beloved husband is there in some foreign country & the wife is here in Singapur. She will always be lonely so long as the husband does not come - she cannot get that company. She will be alone. Like that, I am also. Please come. Then Vritrasura thinks, "I am not a so much a great devotee that Krishna will come. Ultimately, he prays:

mamottamasloka-janesu sakhyam
samsara-cakre bhramatah sva-karmabhih
tvan mayayatmatmaja-dara-gehesv
asakta-cittasya na natha bhuyat
(Bhag 6.11.27)

"Please kindly please bless me, I do not want anything else, so that I have got love, friendship, I can get the service of love, friendship of your pure devotees. Wherever by my karma, action, wherever I am born I do not want to get relief from that. But, by the illusory energy, but? what? you give me the company of Syama and of your own parcels? bhaktas?

This is the last prayer (Bhag 6.11.27) And the attachment I have got by your illusory energy to the mundane relations, wife & children, that attachment should go. The service of what you have learned from there. His aptitude to serve a sadhu is very good.


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