Send us your name, city, country and we will send you a
Vaishnava Calendar with all the Ekadhasis days and Vaishnava festivals.

It is calculated by computer. We offer the service only for Three months of Vaishnava Calendar
If you need more months, you can send a donation to WVA.

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If you dont know Html/Java, dont worry.
Now We can make your Internet Homepage, you only need to be
a member of WVA or member of one Mission member of WVA.
We only offer One page with two pictures and a cool design.
If you want more pages and more megas,
then you have to send a donation to WVA.
We also make Homepage updates, publicity in many
searching machines, banners, art design, etc..

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Do you want to read Nectar in other languages ?
Well, we offer the service of Translate your emails or other pages from English
to Spanish or viceversa. (Only Vaishnava stuff)
Only one page, If you want more pages, you have to send a donation to WVA

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