Vrindavan Dhama SEVA Message to all Brijbasis and visitors to Sri Vrindavan Dham and  the Braja Mandal

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My dear residents of Vrindavan and all visitors to the holy Dhama.
Please accept my respectful dandavat pranams to all of you.
This message and these proposals are important to all of us, because the future of Vrindavan is in danger and we should all help to make Vrindavan the most beautiful and clean pilgrimage place in the world.
Please read this message and if you agree than sign it and distribute it to all other people you know by Photocopy.
Vrindavan and Vraj Mandal is not only important for Indians, because Brajendra Nandan Krishna is God himself and people from all over the world come here to see his birth and lila places and to find peace and spiritual love.
The future of Vrindavan depends on our responsibility and needless to say the mercy of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna and all their devotees.
We are proposing the following action plan to clean and serve Vrindavan.

Cleaning the Dham

1. No more plastic should be used as much as possible. Do not accept plastic bags in shops. Everyone should pick up plastic if he sees it lying around.

2. All plastic, batteries and other poisonous items must be kept and disposed of separate to not poison the land and the Yamuna, such as the Kaliya demon did.

3. Like the WWF has wonderfully started to plant trees all over Vrindavan, it should be continued and increased on all private properties to give shade, clean air, more water and the feeling of a Forest to Vrindavan.

4. The Parikrama, and preferably all streets in the inner circle of Vrindavan must be clean. All citizens are responsible. Schools should take their children on walks to clean up the Dhama. Special garbage containers should be put everywhere.

5. The bangi community must be trained and paid to separate different types of garbage for recycling and depositing without danger to the earth and the esthetic appearance of Vrindavan.

6. All citizens, who own a little land should learn to compost the organic waste of their houses to turn them into fertilizer.

7. Vrindavans system of dry toilets ( the old style), and pigs eating stool is better then flushing stools mixed with lots of water into the Yamuna. Even worse for the Yamuna are detergents and plastics. Making good septic tanks is one solution for new constructions and for old once as well if their is place to make it. Hopefully bigger water purification systems can be created for all the black and grew waters.

In order to transfer Vrindavan and Vraja Mandal into the best holy place of the world the following steps should be taken.

1. Pilgrims should not be hassled. Donations must be voluntary when pilgrims visit temples and shrines, otherwise we lose the wonderful atmosphere in the temples.
Every temple should have the same type of sign plaque in Hindi, English and Bengali regarding their name and lila taking place there for all visitors to easy understand the location.


1. No cars should be allowed in the inner circle of Vrindavana or on the narrow city roads.

2. Exceptions to this rule can be police, ambulances and special emergency vehicles which are painted distinctively and have a permit.

3. Outside Vrindavan on Raman Reti and Mathura Road area special guarded parking places must be established by municipality.

4. Riksa drivers should dress clean and uniformly to have a better presentation.

5. Special price list for all destinations should be there for all passengers to be able to look at, to avoid price fighting with visitors.

6. Scooters and bicycles must be refrained from racing at high speeds through small streets. That creates a danger and constant anxieties, especially for the children and senior citizens.


1. No stone buildings can be destroyed. They must be repaired as before to maintain the old atmosphere of Vrindavan. Paint shall be removed from all carved stones.

2. Stores in front of temples should not be allowed to cover the building.

3. New buildings most be approved by the Vrindavan municipality preservation committee ( to be created), which most publish guidelines for the future contractions in Vrindavan.

4. Construction of places like Brahma Kunda and others must be finished if started.

5. Wires should be as much as possible underground in the cities.

6. No cement or marble may be put around trees. They will die after a while as we have seen in Radha Kunda at the place lord Chaitanya sat, as well as in the courtyard of the Krishna Balaram temple and Imli Tala. Our precious trees are dying, because with good intentions we cover up their lifeline.

7. No houses should be used as billboards for advertisement. All advertisements or shop signs shall be only permitted written on marble plaque.

8. The municipality should have a architect office to guide constructors how to maintain a nice looking front of their buildings free of charge.


1. All leading citizens should approach the government to get them to request the UNESCO to include Vraja Mandal in their World heritage list, which lists all locations in the world which have cultural, historical or environmental importance for more then only the local area.

2. A special pilgrimage protection police shall dedicate themselves to preserve the rules of order and to direct the relationship between the pilgrims and the local people like a kind of tourist police, to make sure nobody leaves the Vrindavan with a bad impression.

3. The Economic future of Vrindavan depends on the successful care for all the problematic sores of our environment. All Brijbasis will benefit if the quantities of pilgrims will increase and if the fame of Vrindavan spreads all over the world.

4. All Religions take care for their holy places in a special way. Vrindavan has to be no exception to this rule.

5. Since all action depends on conscious awareness, we start this action plan by circulating and signing this document to everyone in the community. Then automatically the municipality and local action groups and schools will take responsibility to implement these ideas as much as possible. Cleanliness, order, organization and discipline are necessary to realize our plan. Freedom through knowledge.

6. With the power and the participation of all the big Ashrams and local leaders there is no scarcity to make Vrindavan what it is supposed to be. Let us all work for these goal and no doubt we all will be blessed.

Your servant Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti -Vrinda Kunja- Vrindavan

sponsored by members of the WVA World Vaisnava Association

Dear Friends and Brijbasis

please be part of the solution and not of the problem.
Action plan: If you like these proposals sign this letter and make Photocopies of this letter with your own signature included and distribute to others.

Vrindavan Dham ki jaya

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