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Breakthrough in Vrindavana

Since the days of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada bringing his western followers to Vrindavana 40 years have passed. Srila Prabhupada requested all of his disciples in those early days to do Braja Seva, service to the Holy Abode of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna. Hayagriva Prabhu quoted Srila Prabhupada : Clean the Dhama, Fix the broken buildings and reestablish the deity worship. Ever since many things have taken place, the WVA had started the adopt a temple program and several old dilapidated temples were turned into beautiful lively centers where the sadhus can meet from all over the world.

The Vrindavana Emergency Committee, Friends of Vrindavana and the Vrindavana Dhama Seva Committee all pushed in different ways to serve the purpose. Friends of Vrindavana should be given much respect for the environmental consciousness they transmitted and for cleaning the streets of Vrindavana. The Vrindavana Institute for Vaishnava Culture and Studies (Vrinda) and the Bhaktisiddhanta World Mission had created much publicity in the community towards the needs of Vrindavana and the Kesi Ghat and the Yamuna festival of 1997 assembled dignitaries from all over to address the urgent issues.

What is happening now is an unexpected success to all of us. The Government of India Through the Mathura Vrindavana Development Committee and the Yamuna Action Plan has put the urgent issues in the hand of the court. Their immediate goals are no more Yamuna pollution, (Pass stool on the Yamuna go to jail for two Days) no more noise pollution, recycling of waste, and the preservation of antique buildings. The assistant of the district magistrate office inspected the restored buildings of the World Vaisnava Association adopt a temple project. On the 15th of October the District Magistrate invites all interested parties to propose their ides for the further development of Vrindavana. He also requested the WVA to help with the development of the Vrindavana Internet Homepage.

Since Vrindavana is not only a historical heritage of humanity but also a thriving place of pilgrimage for Krisna Bhaktas from all over the world, The development of Vrindavana has importance for the up-liftment of Sanatana Dharma. The Government has granted 5 Crores of Rupees to start the project and their is also a plan to involve financing from private parties for specific projects.

Swami Paramadvaiti

World Vaisnava Association Secretary


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