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#1: to continue the spirit of Srila Jiva Goswami of the VISVA VAISHNAVA-RAJ SABHA.

PURPOSE #2: to glorify the Supreme Lord and all Vaishnava Acaryas in the light of their contributions to the Sampradaya.

: By 33 Sannyasis and Acaryas of 19 Vaishnava Institutions in Vrindavan on 18 November, 1994.

FIRST PRESIDENT: Pujyapada Srila Bhakti Promode Puri Mj.

: To enable Vaishnavas from all over the world to communicate with each other. The WVA is not another Branch or Mission of the Sampradaya. The WVA will neither open temples nor promote any particular Acarya.

MEETINGS: Every year the WVA organizes two International meetings: 1. The day before Gaura-Purnima in Srivas Angan, Mayapur at 3 PM. 2. Ram Ekadasi in Vrndavan, Govindaji Mandir at 3 PM.
We encourage our memebers to hold local WVA Chapter meetings in their respective regions all over the world.

PUBLICATIONS: WVA Newsletter every International Meeting.

PROJECTS: The WVA has organized a permanent Vaishnava Mela on the INTERNET to inform all members and the world about different Vaishnavas and their services. (http://www.wva-vvrs.org).

MELAS: The WVA has organized once a year, a Mela in Srivas Angan lasting five days up to Gaura-Purnima wherein all Member Vaishnava Missions can exhibit their work (publications, etc.) through their stand or booth.

MEMBERS: All those who follow the Gaudiya Vaishnava Siddhanta and appreciate a joint forum to increase Lord Chaitanya's blessings for the world by sharing their Sanga and preaching accomplishments with other members.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: WVA office, Gopeshwara Road 146, Vrndavana, District MAthura, UP, India.


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