World Vaisnava Association


Jan 96 - First Historical Mela of the WVA in Mayapur

The first historical Mela of the WVA is going to be held in Mayapur, India close to the place, the founder of the Vaisnava Sankirtan movement took his birth.
The plan for this and the coming Melas is to create a transcendental Nama Hatta Tradeshow. All the Vaisnava missions are invited to exibit their variety of transcendental preaching paraphanelia in the exibition area. Books, Movies, Magazines, Art Exibits, Diaramas, and Picture Exibits are welcome. There will be nightly stage programs with a variety of speakers and performances to let all pilgrims relish the expanding Vaisnava activities world wide. And for the preachers, they can see what others have accomplished and thus improve their own service, learning from the others.
The Mela will also feature an Internet exibit to show the preaching activities of the Vaisnavas on the Internet.

Nov 95 - UNESCO's List of World Heritage Sites

The WVA invites all members and sympasisers to help achieve the following goal. We want to achieve that the geographical location of Lord Krsna's childhood pastimes, Sri Braj Mandal and especially the village of Vrindavan shall be placed in the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Since Krsna and Vrndavan are of great importance for millions of people all around the world it can only be considered highly appropriate to get this status for the geographical location, in the hope that this will raise government and private concerns, in regards to environmental and cultur protection given to this holy place.



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