Gaudiya Sangha devotees invite new Acarya to guide them.

Srila Bhakti Prasad Sadhu Maharaj, the disciple of the late Acarya Srila Bhakti Surit Akinchana Maharaj was invited by the other members of the math to become the Acarya in the Gaudiya Sanga.

Feeling himself an unqualified Sadhu maharaj invited all senior Vaisnavas to the temple from the World Vaisnava Association requesting them to guide him and to help him to be able to serve his Gurus mission in this difficult task.

Sannyasis like Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayanan Maharaj spoke and blessed the young Acarya who at the age of fifty will guide this wonderful and important Gaudiya Vaisnava Mission. Like Srila Sridhar Maqharaj used to say: "It is a bold attempt. You should do so but, you do it at your own risk.¨

All Vaisnavas were very pleased by the unified support given to the new spiritual master in the Gaudiya Sangha.


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