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Please accept my humble dandavat om pranams. All glories to the glories of the Vaishnava tradition, its Guru-Varga and the courageous stand of Sridhara Swami's tika, Jiva Goswami's defense of his Gurudeva to Dig Vijay Pandit, Baladev Vidhyabhusana's Govinda Bhasya Commentary and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta's fierce defense of the highest standards of Gaudiya Vaishnavism in their propounding the personal philosophy of responsible conduct of the jiva to Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

Allow me to express my gratitude to all of you for your input to our publications and in particular, the VISHVA-VAISHNAVA RAJ-SABHA magazine.
Without your association, there could be no magazine. I write mainly to inform you of our changes in address and an additional office of the WVA publishing gorup. For an upgrade in quality, we have shifted the Singapore office [which yet remains in the same building] to:

WVA Publishing
South East Asia Office
5001 Beach Road 03-18
Singapore 199588
Tel: [65] 295 2898 [with answerphone]
Fax: [65] 291 0772 [by request] or [605] 692 5697
e-mail: [email protected]

As well we now have a handling office in Europe for European orders of our publications, tapes and details on Tours and Melas:

WVA Publishing
European Office
Vrinda Wein
Thaliastrasse 77/7
1160 Vienna, Austria
Tel: [43-1] 494 7758
e-mail: [email protected]

This will help to reduce the postage for publications to European countries. We hope to make the same arrangement in the USA next year. We shall notify you when that occurs.

Currently on order from these offices:

Vishva-Vaishnava Raj-Sabha magazine
Volumes 1:1, 1:2, 2:1, & 2:2 10 DM each

The Search for Sri Krishna 5 DM each
Srila Sridhara Maharaj

Sridhara Mj Vyasa Puja 1996 10 DM each

Heart of Krishna
Bhakti Promode Puri Mj 20 DM each

Prabhupada Gold, Vol I 20 DM each

Golden Volcano [revised] 20 DM each
Srila Sridhara Maharaj

Bhakti Pradip Tirtha Mj 10 DM each

Bhagavad-Gita -- The Hidden Treasure
Srila Sridhara Maharaj 50 DM each

Video Tapes:

Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj Tour Lecture Programs

Jan 31 Singapore House of Ho Hon Pie PM
Feb 1 Singapore Laxmi Narayan Temple AM
Feb 3 Sydney House of Mr.Vij PM
Feb 4 Sydney House of Mr. R Mahajan PM
Feb 5 Sydney House of Varu Tapah PM
Feb 6 Sydney House of Ananda Mayi PM
Feb 7 Sydney House of Mr. A Mehta AM
**Feb 7 Sydney House of Dr. Om Prakash Mahajan PM
Feb 8 Sydney Shiv Mandir -- Mento PM
**Feb 9 Sydney House of Raj Kumar PM
Feb 12 Honolulu House of Mr. PM
Feb 13 Honolulu Houseof Mr. PM
Feb 14 Honolulu Barnes & Noble PM
##Feb 15/16 Mauii Ashram/Turiya Das Mahashaya PM & AM
Feb 16 Honolulu University of Hawaii PM
Feb 17 Honolulu Bhaktisiddhanta App Day Tom's House PM
Feb 18 Honolulu Kapi Olani Community College AM
Feb 18 Honolulu Unitarian Church PM
Feb 19 Big Island U. of Hilo PM
**Feb 20 Big Island Temple of Golden Volcano AM & PM
Feb 21 Big Island Paoha Community Centre PM
**Feb 22 Big Island House of Mangala PM
**Feb 23 Honolulu North Shore House of Vrindavan PM
Feb 24 Honolulu Leesburg Community College AM
Feb 24 Honolulu Condominium I PM
Feb 25 Honolulu Condominium II PM
Feb 26 Honolulu House of devotee PM
Feb 27 Bali House of Gokul PM
**Feb 28 Singapore House of Gauraraj PM

July 11 Vienna House of Giridhar PM
July 12 Vienna Foku Institute AM
July 12 Vienna Folu Inst. PM
July 13 Litijya, Slovenia Begensperc Castle PM
July 14 Trbovlge, Slovenia House of Ashvini Kumar AM
July 14 Dolska, Slovenia Cultural Hall PM
July 15 Smartno, Slovenia Cultural Hall AM
July 16 Zrece, Slovenia House of Damodar PM
**July 15/16 Initiation programs
**July 18 London House of Prem Chand Prabhu PM
July 19 Southhall Hindu Temple AM
July 19 Slough Hindu Cultural Society PM
July 20 London House Program PM
July 21 London Bhaktivedanta Swami Ashrama PM
**July 22 Manchester House of Dr. P Sharma PM
July 23 Amsterdam House of Hayeshwara Prabhu PM
**July 24 Den Haag Gopinath Gaudiya Math--Holland PM
July 25 Rotterdam House of Tirtha Kara Prabhu PM
July 26 Den Haag Gopinath Gaudiya Math PM
**July 27 Den Haag Hindu Temple PM
July 28 Freiburg House of Jivanuga Prabhu
July 29 Freiburg Social Professions Univ Hall AM
July 29 Freiburg Inter Faith Forum, City Counsel PM
July 30 Berlin Kulturtrieff Temple PM
July 31/Aug 1 Berlin Television Presentations PM
July 31 Berlin Temple program PM
Aug 1 Berlin Temple program PM
Aug 2 Berlin Temple program PM
Aug 4 Madrid Mahamantra Ashrama PM
Aug 5 Tenerife Cancary Islands House of Mahamantra PM
Aug 6 La Gomera, Meditation Centre, Valley Gran Rey AM
Aug 6 Shamballah Centre, Hotel Chayofa Park PM
Aug 7 Tenerife House of Mahamantra Prabhu PM
Aug 8 Tenerife House of Mahamantra Prabhu PM
Aug 9 Tenerife Gheeta Ashram AM
**Aug 9 Tenerife House of Mr. Barwani PM

All Video tapes are two hour tapes priced at 20 DM each except for those marked with ** 25 DM [three hour tapes] or those with ## 30 DM [four hour tapes]. Please add 5 DM for postage on each tape. All tapes include complete program including beginning recitation and bhajan and questions from the audience when possible. Draw Money orders to D. Gauranga and mail to above Singapore address. Otherwise send e-mail explanation.

If there is any firther service we can render, do let us know. The special publications scheduled for this year are the BP Puri Mj commemorative volume now in press. Next year, plans are to complere the two volume set of Sri Krishna Chaitanya and a Srila Sridhara Maharaj book, The Poetry of a Saint. Another two books by Srila Sridhara Maharaj are possible compiled by Paramananda Prabhu -- The most often used Shlokas of this Great Vaishnava Scholar and Guru and another smaller book of 50 most favourite shlokas by usage. The WVA magazine will continue by Jiva Goswami's grace every six months and any letters, comments, articles from all of you will be highly appreciated.

BP Hrishikesh


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