Situation Of The Vaisnavas In Europe
by Giridhari das

Regarding the situation of the Vaisnavas in Europe

It has come to our attention that Harikesh das, aka Harikesh Swami or aka Sri Visnupada, who has been the leader of the International Society for Krishna Conciousness-Iskcon in northern Europe and many other places in the world, has been removed from Iskcon leadership for several severe deviations from the proper conduct of a spiritual master. We want to make the following statement in order to protect our interests as living and preaching followers of the Vaisnava faith in Europe.

Harikesh, the management of Iskcon worldwide and in particular in northern Europe, has been rejected by us since 1984. Because of the mismanagement and mistreatment of many members by Harikesh das and other Iskcon leaders, many Vaisnavas have left Iskcon and incorporated several new religious nonprofit trusts in Europe. We want to protect the good name of our founding father, Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, and also our sacred tradition. Iskcon leadership including Harikesh das has been outstandingly known not to follow their own rules of transparency. Also they do not recognize other branches of the same Vaisnava family. They are sectarian and offensive to other Vaisnavas outside of their institution. They have behaved very offensively against the most prominent members and authorities of Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition. They disobeyed the founder of Iskcon to let local men manage and centralize the whole world management in the hands of a few individuals. Iskcon is manipulated by a very small group of mainly North Americans. They expelled whoever opposed their non-transparent misuse of the movement. Harikesh's misbehavior and fall down as well as the same sad occurrence of Jayatirtha, Hansadutta, Bhagavan, Drishthadyumna, Jagadish, Sundara Rupa etc. (just referring here to those from Iskcon Europe) are not surprising. These are the natural karmic reactions of misuse of a spiritual function.

Iskcon has no forum for constructive critique and filled many of the leading posts with opportunists, seeking to go the same path of the previous leaders. There is nobody in Iskcon now with the authority to fix the situation. That is why, long ago, many Vaisnavas who previously belonged to Iskcon and other Vaisnavas from the same roots in India established separate Vaisnava missions in the world. Today there are hundreds of temples of different Vaisnava missions in the world with no connection to Iskcon.

We carefully pray to the press and the civil authorities to discriminate between the sad history of Iskcon management and other sincere Vaisnava groups all over. We also appealed to Iskcon leaders for the last 14 years to remove their corrupt and abusive leaders on numerous occasions. We requested them to work conjointly with all the disciples of the founder Acharya Srila Prabhupada in order to save the heritage and good name of Iskcon. But so far, Iskcon has done a lot to ruin the reputation of their founder and of the Vaisnavas. Iskcon authorities refused to accept the invitation of the World Vaisnava Association (http:/owplaza.com/wva) to accept a common ground with other Vaisnava missions belonging to the same tradition and following the same scriptures. We are very sad and embarrassed that we have to make this public statement in order to protect ourselves.

Those who signed under this statement:
Isev, Spain
Vrinda worldwide
Vrinda Institute Miami Florida
Hungarian Vaisnava Hindu Association (Magyar Vaisnava Hindu Egyes�let) Hungary
Hindu Kultura H�za (The Houses of Hindu Culture)
Gaurangas Kulturtreff - Germany
Bhaktivedanta Parivad - Switzerland
Oesterreichisches Institut fuer Selbstverwirklichung - Austria

Giridhari das


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